Philippine Programmers Rating

The PPR is the first automated assessment tool aligned with the needs of the Philippine software industry in identifying entry-level programming talent. Any academic institution or business organization that is looking to measure the real-world readiness of entry-level software engineers can rely on the PPR as a standard of measurement.

PPR assessment exams present common programming problems in a true software development environment that utilize automated testing tools to identify flaws in the submitted software solutions.

PPR: assess programming TALENT and SKILL, not just KNOWLEDGE

The ASPIRANT-LEVEL exam determines whether the examinee has the required TALENT to excel in a programming career. This assessment requires NO programming knowledge or experience.

Price: P500 per assessment

The STUDENT LEVEL exam determines whether the examinee has the required BASIC SKILL in computer software and programming.

Price: Php 1,000 per assessment


The ENTRY-LEVEL exam determines whether the examinee has the required SKILL to excel as a junior programmer in the Philippine software industry.

Price: P1,500 per assessment


PPR programming problems can be solved using any of 9 different languages

Coders Guild invites ALL FILIPINOS to contribute to nation-building by increasing the quantity and quality of entry-level programmers in the Philippines.



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