Philippine Programmers Rating

PPR is the first automated assessment tool for programmers that is localized and priced for the specific needs of the Philippine software industry. PPR is designed using industry best practices to exhibit a high validity and reliability coefficient.

As an organization that relies on software development, there are standards that we rely on to find and recruit talent. PPR exams measure the real-word readiness of entry-level software developers.

True Programming Environment

PPR exams present common programming problems in a true software development environment.

Real Testing Tools

PPR exams utilize automated testing tools to identify flaws in software solutions.

Accurate in-depth results

PPR exams provides precise and realistic results.

PPR is available in 9 different programming languages











Validate your credentials with a true measure of job readiness.

Sharpen your skills through direct practice.

Experience a performance-based system using a real codebase with professional tools at hand.

Identify software development strengths and opportunities for learning.


Promote your company and post relevant job openings in the CGN website.

Access to CGN’s pool of talented entry-level programmers.

Discounted PPR assessment for internal use and hiring purposes.


Better prepare your students for the workforce and increase their potential for landing positions upon graduating.

Reduce “faculty intensive” tests.

Test skills, not just knowledge.

Fine-tune teaching methods based on the results of the exam to students who are mid-way to their degree.

Create additional demand for your Computer Science and IT programs, increasing both enrollments and corporate recruiting.

Increase your institutional standing when it comes to producing programming talent.